Porcelain – Babylon Oak

Brand: Bellezza Ceramiche

Estimated as the largest city in the world, Babylon projected glory, power and prestige in the ancient times; so much so that The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was even named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Though Babylon is now in ruins, it is truly enduring as its name and tale still lives on in modern times. As a symbol of wisdom, strength and endurance, oak is a fitting symbol to pay tribute to the grandeur of Babylon with Babylon Oakwood. This fine porcelain series offers a collection of timeless designs that will last through the ages, just like the legacy of the city.

Available size: 15x90cm | 20x90cm | 30x90cm | Surface: Matt




Available Colors

15x90cm | 20x90cm | 30x90cm

WB19012 | WB29012 | WB39012

15x90cm | 20x90cm | 30x90cm

WB19015 | WB29015 | WB39015

15x90cm | 20x90cm | 30x90cm

WB19016 | WB29016 | WB39016

15x90cm | 20x90cm | 30x90cm

WB19017 | WB29017 | WB39017

15x90cm | 20x90cm | 30x90cm

WB19018 | WB29018 | WB39018


Additional information

Available size

15x90cm, 20x90cm, 30x90cm


Glazed, structured


Glazed Porcelain

Shade Variation

V2, slightly variation


Interior & Exterior, Wall & Floor, Commercial Area, Terrace, Kitchen, Balcony