Thanks to the technology today, we have launched our XXL Slab Porcelain Tiles successfully in 2020. Available in spacious format from 90x180cm, this series offering aesthetic and endless possibility to any living spaces. Perfect choice for Marble lovers!

Jazz White

MS918P008 90X180CM

Patiss Grey

MS918P013 90X180CM

Venice Black

MS918P023 90X180CM

Italian Fine Grain

MS918P028 90X180CM

Van Gogh Impression

MS918P029 90X180CM

Lotus Moonlight

MS918P030 90X180CM

Turkish Redstone

MS918P031 90X180CM

Greek White

MS918P102 90X180CM

Snow White

MS918P105 90X180CM

Armani Grey

MS918P233 90X180CM

Palermo Snow White

DBN24GL005 120X240CM

Italy White

DBN24GL006 120X240CM

Puglia Impression

DBN24GL202 120X240CM

Brazil Sapphire

DBN24GL306 120X240CM

Amazon Green

DBN24GL307 120X240CM

Pandora Nebula

DBN24GL111 120X240CM